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Brotherly love. Father/son love

Real brotherly love.

Caught my dad sniffing my dirty underwear. He has his huge cock in his hands…

Caught my dad sniffing my dirty underwear. He has his huge cock in his hands…

Real Father and Son Masturbating Together and looking at each others cocks

Anonymous asked: is it wrong to want to fuck your hot little bro till he screams so loud the whole world can hear? all i want to do is make him feel good...

No…Little brother deserves to be raped by big bro

Anonymous asked: gay incest is awesome! i've been sleeping with my brother since way before we started having sex. it just came natural. we're working on seducing our dad, letting him catch us fooling around or giving each other boners or just see us naked or whatever. we both want him pretty bad... if it's gay i don't see why incest should be taboo at all.

I bet you and your brother can’t wait to taste your dads precum ;)

Anonymous asked: Any advice for a boy wanting to get fucked by his dad or dads best friend?

Get your dad so drunk he doesn’t know who you are and take advantage of him.

elcal01 asked: I have had a crush on my uncle (non blood related) forever, and recently I got in an accident and he offered to shave my arm pits and my balls. Obviously I said yes. He shaved my arm pits first and then he went and lathered my balls in shaving cream and proceeded to shave, it was so hot, he kept having to move my boner because it was in his way, I'm uncut and he kept accidentally pulling the skin up and down, I'm surprised I didn't cum.

You should have asked your Uncle to suck on your hard cock!